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Hemodynamic Software, Project nGene.org®

Hyunsuk Frank Roh, M.D.

Project nGene.org® is an integrative and interdisciplinary hemodynamic software whose infrastructural common denominators across the departments are packaged for the public in order to provide grounds to start a community to complete its research and development within a reasonable amount of time and to hopefully contribute to accelerating the advancements in hemodynamic clinical and industrial fields.

Idealism of Hemodynamic Simulator

The complexity of hemodynamic models has prevented clinicians from getting necessary insights from the models when relating the clinical issues with the hemodynamic model. Visualization is the most persuasive way to illustrate a hemodynamic equation, and simulation is needed to visualize how the equation changes upon the manipulation of the coefficient of equations. Therefore, the success of the hemodynamic software depends on how easy it is to work with visualizing the hemodynamic model and how effective it is for clinicians to draw insights from the models.

Additionally, it would be better if the following conditions are fulfilled:
-1) an engineer takes care of the CPU time and memory management when combining and implementing numerous hemodynamic models published thus far;
-2) the simulation software provides an alternative interface (other than GUI), which could enable experts to more flexibly work with the hemodynamic model;
-3) components such as device interface, medical statistics, and artificial intelligence are coherently integrated in order to facilitate hemodynamic research.

Software Architecture

Each component will be the basis upon which other components can be built. This circulative data flow in the architecture diagram will eventually contribute to the development of other components synergistically. In other words, when considering the final overall goal of this software project as facilitating the data flow according to the software architecture, one part of the development will benefit the other part of the research.

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