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Preface top

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Development Environments top

The software has been written in C, Python, R, and OpenGL, under the OS environments of macOS, then tested primarily in Debian Linux.

  -  Devices Programming

  -  Echocardiography

Installation top

PythonTM download & Installation

Download the most recent version of Python 3, not Python 2.

Python Library Installation

As of May 17th 2020, the latest version of Python is 3.8.2:

PIL fork sudo pip3.8 install Pillow
numpy sudo easy_install-3.8 numpy
openpyxl sudo easy_install-3.8 openpyxl

User's Instruction top

Due to the restrictions of Patent law, User's Guide will not be publicly available until the publication of the Patent application.

Prior to that publication the application is confidential to the patent office. After publication, depending upon local rules, certain parts of the application file may remain confidential, but it is common for all communications between an Applicant (or his agent) and the patent office to be publicly available. Wikipedia

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